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Friday, November 27, 2015

[ARTICLE] 151124 The Kings are Coming…EXO December Winter special album comeback confirmed

Male group EXO is soon to commence promoting with their winter special album.
EXO is preparing for a mid-December comeback. Although there is no confirmation of their exact plans, it is assumed that they will take part in a short but substantial promotional period, with a song that will match with the winter and Christmas season.

With the release of ‘Miracles in December’ in 2013, the bar has been set high in anticipation. It’s dangerous because, despite it being a special album, they swept the charts with first place as trending idols. This time, as well, EXO must come out with a seasonal song that tops ‘Miracles in December’.

After their June promotions (Love Me Right), EXO has also been undertaking overseas activities. In this way, the winter special single will act as a welcome present to the fans. Reportedly, the 9 members are at the height of all their work right now. The title of being two time million-sellers, being the first to hold a concert in the new national dome stadium; after achieving all these records, it will be worthwhile seeing what EXO in store this time.”

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