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Wednesday, November 25, 2015

[INFO/1080p] 151125 Baekhyun Saves The EXO Members During Their Exposure Accident

When SM Entertainment's band, EXO, travelled to Macau as part of their EXO'luxion tour, the crowd was delighted. Thousands turned up to support their kpop idols and watch them perform, but did not expect to see more than what they had bargained for.

(And that's what I mean with what they didn't bargain for kekeke)

The latest reports suggest that the nine-member Chinese-Korean boy band suffered a small accident whilst on stage. According to sources, a curtain fell when the stage was being prepared, and behind that curtain were EXO members, who were changing their T-shirts!

EXO's 'exposure accident' caused quite the media frenzy in China over the next few days.

Admittedly, seeing their kpop idols shirtless did cheer up the crowd, but Baekhyun stepped up and saved his fellow band members from potential embarrassment. In a recent video footage released from the show, the EXO member walked up and displayed some silly, quirky and impromptu dance moves that diverted the attention of the crowd from the half-exposed members.

Netizens also praised Baekhyun for being able to quickly adapt to the circumstance and for helping out his fellow members.

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