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Monday, September 7, 2015

[TRANS/FULL]150831 EXO-L Relay Chat Event w/ SEHUN

Everyone, since we have 150 minutes, let’s do this one by one slowly, so we can do this easily in this way
Everyone, shush
ni hao
Hi Japanese fans~
Because it’s so cold, I’m not on my right mind
I ate Taco for my dinner today
Movies are all fun
Everyone, thank you for your hardwork
I will be undressing during fashion shooting
Let’s be quiet for once
Let’s show me your unity
kkkkkkk it feels so good
I want to drink bubble tea but because of braces, I can’t
I can’t eat spicy food
Of course it feels uncomfortable to wear braces… Everyone please try wearing too haha
The room is still messy… Suho…
If I have time? I will go your heart?
If she’s younger than me by 7 years, uhmmmm.. I will be angry
Every word from all of you gives me strength
D.O. hyung always says I am like a sloth or something like that.. (Note: He wrote D.O. as “D-Dot-O-dot)
If I unfasten 3 buttons, your nose will bleed
My airport fashion follows my own taste
Twenty Again? I’m going to watch.. (Note: It’s not Luhan’s movie, it’s a drama starring Choi Ji Woo)
Yes, I chose the pink cap
270 (Shoe size)
When you reached 30, you will turn into an adult?
Choco cake
Suho hyung is my roommate
Should I update my Instagram today?
I like Call Me Baby
We will hold an encore concert if you guys wish for it
I’m frustrated too because I can only say that I love you
I am eating salad after this
There’s none of the members that I am awkward with
I ate Real Deep already (Note: It’s a Chocolate Coffee cafe)
183cm(His Height)
All members are in good terms
Why am I like this? Because I’m kind
I like sons or daughters more? I will think about this later
I will become a basketball player if I can grow until 2m
Shoulder sponge…. I’m getting angry
When you’re studying Chinese…. just continue studying..
I will watch movies or dramas
All those that I can’t understand are traps
I feel cold when I do water dunk
So I will retrofit my dancing skill
I am retrofit to everyone of you kk
Words from all of you, every single word
Wahhh, My eyes hurt, my hands hurt and my head hurts
It’s very fast kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk
Yes, I’m reading
That’s why I can’t reply you
Ah… so I was a chick..
The most recent song that I like is Justin Bieber’s Fall
Biyak biyak? (Note: Sound of a little chick)
You can’t order around oppa
Taro taro…
You can’t order around oppa like this
My eye sight .1.5
Only mothers can order around
I am angry at nuna too.. Ahem
It’s true that younger brothers/sisters are sweet dreams
I can’t eat spicy food
It’s possible if it’s mothers
I went on travelling and I like all the places
All are great
If it’s same-age, then it’s Miss Hun
@LeeSuIn Aunt, I can see you like pretty eyes haha I love you
My favourite hair colour? The colour that you guys love
I called everyone’s name sincerely, without lies
Come out if I haven’t called your name
I called everyone’s name, it’s the end
I really called everyone’s name
Kim Minji, I did call you
Chu Chin Hyah, Sorry I made a typo. Try chatting with 150 people and see if there’s typos or not
Ahhhhhhhh ahhhhhhh
shushhhhhhh (and 10 more of shushhh)
But don’t shut up too
If you want ways to manage your skin, go and look for a dermatologist
So it can’t exceed 5 seconds
Yes, everyone just do whatever you want
kkkk No choice
Myself? it’s here
What do I wear to sleep….? 19….
EXO are all good-looking and handsome
I pray before I sleep
Fat level is average~
Woxiangnimen (I miss you)
Zhende~ (Really)
Wo xian zai hen gaoxing (I’m very happy now)
My feelings is very rich
Because my feelings is like a sheep
The most beautiful sad movie in the world..
I was saying “So Guitar Man wasn’t Baekhyun?” kk
There’s no one who’s lonely
Everyone, let me tell you a secret
I am really surprised
Because it might surprise you so please pay attention
*thumps thumps*
*Heart beats*
To be honest, I love EXO-L
You guys sure don’t like such cheesy ment right?
So I will tell you properly
Everyone, look closely
I raise a puppy
Are you surprised?
I knew you will be surprised
No, it’s in my home
It’s really good looking
It needs to receive 5 injections
It’s a male
I like watching theatre shows
Vivi - In English, it means living well
In French, it means flying high
It’s my puppy’s name
@Someone My puppy is cuter
Everyone, shall we stop now?
I want to stop already
The company staff here…
kkkkkkk I don’t want to do that… What to do….
Wahh… He’s sighing beside me
What should I do, everyone?
Vivi is mine
It’s been a long time I have fun, I will consider everyone here had fun too~
I love you I love you I love you I love you Thank you Thank you
Xie xie (Thank you)
Ah Arigato gozaimasu
Everyone feels sad now right? But it makes us miss each other more
When tomorrow reaches, you will forget chatting with me kkkkkk
So you won’t forget, then I won’t forget too
Next time when we have a chance to meet up, I will buy you some nice food
I will buy for you
If you order expensive food then it’s a foul play?
Love star come here now… have a sweet night
Aigu, all of you are gwiyomis
You guys are saying I am cute?
No, I am cute, all of you aren’t
I love you
It’s a pity
But if we chat for 10 hours more, will it be fun? You might even stop typing
Because of this, we should be parting now
I’m thankful too
“Vivi I love you?”kkkkkk
Thank you for your hardwork for this chatting, everyone please massage your hands
Please don’t make “puedereuk puedereuk” sound from your fingers
It’s especially not good for female’s hand~
Lee Yu Rim! You’re blessed!
Everyone please leave kkkk
I don’t want to leave
Everyone, please leave
I will be watching all of you leave
I just press “all members”
Really, bye~~~~~

(cr, to ludeerbambi)
Shared by Danielle@exodicted.net

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  1. Omg, he's so cute and sassy at the same time! I love him. I mean let's be honest, you simply cannot pick a bias in this group


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