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Monday, September 7, 2015

[TRANS]150905 Lay Instagram + Studio Weibo Updates

 “The process whereby a surprise turns into a wonderful memory I am also a little nervous. Will you all come? By the way, just to explain why is it the music of "reborn”, it’s because I lost the USB once~ “I am Zhang Yixing.This letter is an invitation to all my fans and supporters all over the world!
A surprise that took a very long time to prepare. I wanted to present this to you all on the day of my 24th birthday. On the 7th of October, I will bring "reborn” music, cute presents and my beloved stage. And I will wait for you all in Shanghai, China. Aiyo, I heard that the surprises have lined themselves up and set off for Shanghai already~ Excited to see you there~! Excited because of the fact that we can leave a precious memory for each other"

Instagram Update

“Let’s make good memories together~ I’m anticipating everyone! Thank you”

(cr, dailyexo-trans)
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