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Wednesday, September 30, 2015

[DISCUSSION] EXO Will Be Off To Japan Soon *Grabs Tissue*

As I sit here browsing through Baekhyun's vacation photos, with a Nujabes playlist on repeat, I'm really starting to feel something hit me. The boys have really grown up. They haven't been very busy since the end of Love Me Right promotions, other than concerts and performances, so I've begun to miss them. 

They've gone almost incognito this week for Chuseok. It's funny. At one point, we had them 24/7, and I was exhausted and could barely keep up. Then we have a time like this, they go on break for just a little while, and I begin to miss them a lot. However, I'm glad they've stayed away long enough for me to miss them. Whenever they have down time and get to re-cooperate, I'm happy. This article is just a recent collection of my thoughts, so don't be surprised if it's random.

Looking through some of Sehun's recent photos was what really got me noticing how much he's grown. I've noticed that he's put on more muscle lately, he's no longer in that baby stage. I don't know why it took me this long to notice. Seeing them happy on vacation, especially the photos of them at the beach smiling, brought back good memories. If you ever saw that one episode of Showtime, you know exactly what I'm talking about.

Who is that man on the far right? I seriously don't recognize him.
I think now is a good time for us to really reflect on the memories and accomplishments up to this point. Very soon, they'll be off to Japan for their Japanese debut. That's a totally new stage for them, a milestone in their careers. This could potentially change a lot of things. Good or bad. It depends on how you see it. I expect to obviously see less of them in Korea. Especially if they pull an FTISLAND and stay there for a while learning the culture and language. But, knowing how SM is, they'll still be releasing Korean content, but not as often. It all depends on how much they've progressed in Japanese. This is only the beginning, so we'll just have to wait and see.

To start off, along with the dome concert, they'll be releasing their first Japanese album. It comes out November 4, 2015, and it's entitled: Love Me Right ~romantic universe~. It will have the standard 9(*cries*) unique covers, EXO-L Japan version, and will include 1 photo book and 1 random trading card (photo card?). There will also be some kind of DVD you can get separately, but I'm not sure if it's available on all sites. The track list includes 4 songs.

01. Love Me Right ~romantic universe~
02. Drop That
03. Love Me Right ~romantic universe~ -Less Vocal-
04. Drop That -Less Vocal- 

You can go through the hassle of a group order, or you can just pre-order it now from these official sites. :D. They will (all except CDJapan) count towards the official Oricon charts.  AMAZONJAPANHMVJAPANYESASIA CDJAPAN

I will probably get mine from YesAsia, but you're free to choose whichever. I don't know if I will pre-order or not though. I would like to see what the covers look like first. I found this photo online, but I'm not completely sure what this is. I certainly hope the album covers are similar to this.

This comes from an official music store in Japan. (cr, @HMV_Osaka)
It's only a month away, guys, let's enjoy their last month in Korea before their Japanese debut! 

In other news, now that their Chuseok vacation is about over, it'll be back to work soon. =.= On October 10, they will be performing at the Seoul Gocheok Sky Dome. Not only is this their first dome concert, but they are the first group to perform in this dome. This is going to be pretty epic. The server already crashed the day tickets went on sale.

They are the very first group to perform in this newly built dome.

 I honestly think they are literally the first people to even use this place. I don't think there have even been any baseball games here yet. It says that they'll be inaugurating the venue. It has a 22,000 seat capacity, so I expect it to be filled to the brim. After all, it's one night only. 
I already feel sorry for people with nosebleed seats. Don't fan girl too hard, or you might fall. Yikes! 
Oh the struggles of being an international fan. Most of us will just be depending on fan cams (that is, if they're allowed in the venue). I'm sure SM's crew will definitely be documenting this concert for future use. (I smell EXO's Second Box). This will be a phenomenal and mind blowing performance. I don't even think the show will be the same set up as EXOluXion. It will be a completely unique show. 
From October forward, we will start to see a new version of EXO, in their highest form. Anticipate!

(credit, owners)
Written by Danielle@exodicted.net

2 commentaires:

  1. Thank you so much for all your hard work! Also I absolutely love your positive outlook on things, it's so refreshing. It honestly makes me really happy to see fans both acknowledging the amazing accomplishments of EXO and anticipating the new upcoming era! It's nice to concentrate on the good things and appreciate EXO for how much they have evolved as a group- personally for me Love me Right is their best single yet. Whenever there are sad moments I always think of how I became a fan in the first place- it was because I was captivated by their vocals and performance and I immediately have a huge smile on my face. EXO and EXO-L fighting!

    1. Oh thank you so much for your input.I think 2016 will be a bigger year for EXO.


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