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Wednesday, September 16, 2015

[ARTICLE]150915 Comedienne Hong Yoon Hwa Apologizes to Suho and Fans

On September 15, comedienne Hong Yoon Hwa posted an apology on her blog titled, “EXO‘s Suho fans please read.”

Her post begins with, “Hello. This is Hong Yoon Hwa. I didn’t know where to post so that the fans would see this, so I’m just posting it here.”

She continues, “I filmed the Chuseok Special of ‘Star King‘ yesterday. Just now I read some of what Suho’s fans have said. The fans posted saying that I touched Suho’s thighs and that I should apologize for it.”

Prior to her post, during the September 14 recording of “Star King,” some Suho fans that participated in the recording posted on SNS, “Hong Yoon Hwa touched Suho’s thighs. Then Suho moved away and Hong Yoon Hwa said something to him,” which spread widely among his fans.

Hong Yoon Hwa writes, “First of all, I will apologize. I am sorry to Suho and his fans.”

“I’m thinking back to that moment but I can’t remember it well. However, I did touch Suho and there are some that saw me, which started this whole thing. I had no bad intentions, I think I was reacting to something and unknowingly touched his thigh,” she explains.

She ends the post, saying, “Me hugging and touching his arm was all pre-acknowledged before the recording started. Even so, I apologize for causing anyone discomfort. I will think about my actions more carefully in the future.”

Shared by Danielle@exodicted.net

3 commentaires:

  1. I honestly think people are taking this too far.

    1. Exactly. I mean its not like she wanted to molest him or anything cx

    2. Yea, when fans act so over protective, it messes up chances for exo to work with other people in the future.


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