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Tuesday, August 25, 2015

[TRANS/FULL] 150820 EXO-L Relay Chat With Lay

Hi everyone, I'm EXO's Lay
I have came to see everyone. Come and say how much you have missed me~~~~~~
Waaaa Our Company computer has changed
Everyone I miss you a ~~~~~~~~~~~ lot 
Everyone let me tell u sth. today is china's qixi. its a festival where boys and girls celebrate together. 
Does everyone have a boyfriend? yehet~~~~~~ what do u think of me?
I've been learning Korean this whole time
How about a crab dish for dinner?
Have to learn more Chinese and come to China to play in the future! China's great.
China has a lot of people.
So there are a lot of people just like me?? keke
Wait a minutes, I'll think about it
How about 엘감 ?
(Lay's nickname for EXO-Ls)
[It has the meaning of thanking you guys, and it also has the meaning of feeling touched, as well as the meaning of 예감biscuit (note - it is this: http://goo.gl/UmQIiL ) 예감s (note - he made a mistake and said 예감 instead of L-감) L-감s ah]
That...if it is like that it is too difficult. Can it be like this? No?
I swim and work out everyday, if there is time
Do you know what have i been doing recently?
Other than schedules, i have been thinking about you
I have been listening to many songs recently if i had to recommend some mm... my songs~
but everyone can't listen now 
A words that I want to hear the most from fans is "I'm here by your side" 

When can you guys hear my song ??? I'm not sure ~~~~~ 
Please anticipate October 7th
To be honest it's been scary lately. There's been a lot of turbulence on flights, always going up and down
Not tired, for fans who miss me
Have to eat with the sauce for it to be tasty
Can...of course Chinese can be used. There isn't a lot of Chinese. There's no Chinese in a blink of an eye. I didn't see clearly (note - he typed this in Chinese).
I'm not joking, there's really a lot of improvement.
Thank you everyone (note - he typed this in Chinese)
When I get dressed I like to feel neat and tidy
Recently, the thing that I care the most about is my music, my songs.
Almost everyday I'm composing, writing lyrics, practicing.
I need to go practice in a bit.
What is the meaning of Lay?? In Chinese, Lay has the meaning of "very exhausting, very tired"
The bosses came up with the name. How is my name? Satisifed?
Is no one here..then wait a bit, I will go to the washroom first and then come back after. A lot of people are telling me not to go, it shouldn't be like this
Then I will continue to answer questions
I like black hair more 

CHEN is doing musicals nowadays. please give him a lot of support 
Snacks? A lot
Fried Chicken - of course the original flavour
Fighting on exams (note - typed in Mandarin)
It should be "original" I made a typo (note - he made a typo in the word "original" re: fried chicken earlier)
I'm 25 years old now. If you keep saying "cute cute" Its kind a difficult for me
Recently I have dreamed of ghosts
I like being "Well Rounded Zhang" (typed in Chinese)
Yes, dreamed of ghosts too
Everyone Yangshim(sheep doll)is fine. Don't worry
Everyone, sheep heart's popularity seems to be really high. Should let sheep heart do an interview in the future
Movie that I watch recently is Jurassic World
That, in that
I want to challenge the big dinosaur character
I feel like I am like a sheep, like a rabbit, like a unicorn 
goal~ (note - should be "call" instead of "goal". He made a typo)

I don't call Suho "hyung" It's "leader"
Who is the funniest? I dont know. Recently everyone is alike. 
The member whom i think is the cutest has grown a lot and has to become handsome now 
I keep losing my earphones, so annoying 
earphones topic. stop. 
I like Call Me Baby
Recently "Go Fighting" has ended its filming. Thank you very much for paying attention to Go Fighting
You guys like flowers?
Take them
Everyone, time is almost up.
You guys like EXO?
*exo logo*
Take them
Does everyone like Lay Zhang Yixing?

Take my heart too

cr, (screenshots reposted from: exokiss88, lay1007_net, boon_yi)
(translations by: exokiss88, boon_yi, syjexo, lyuanz, chole[from zyx thread on onehallyu]) 
Shared by Danielle@exodicted.net

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