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Saturday, August 1, 2015

[INFO]15073 SM Filed A Lawsuit Against Kris(WYF) + His Studio's Response

SM Entertainment announced today that they would file a lawsuit against (Kris) Wu Yifan saying that his commercial activities in China were a violation of his contract (similar to the lawsuit they recently filed against Lu Han). Wu Yifan's studio released this statement in reponse.

On January 15, 2008, WYF traveled to Korea alone and became an SM trainee in order to fulfill his dream of becoming a celebrity. After signing a contract with SM, the company continuously delayed WYF’s debut plans. 

After finally debuting in 2012, WYF encountered another issue: the company had suddenly canceled his part (after a few weeks of practice). In January 2013, when WYF asked the manager about it, SM forced him to leave EXO (lasting for a few months), purposefully putting his career on hold. After negotiations and returning to the group, WYF continued to experience oppressive treatment and unfair distribution of resources. 

During the comeback, the manager’s prejudice in combination with a high workload and little rest led to health problems. 

In July 2013, WYF began relying on IV drips and shots to maintain his energy and work until he returned to China in January 2014 to find that he had symptoms of myocarditis. However, SM didn’t arrange any treatment or rest. 

With the unequal treatment, lack of opportunities, and lack of future plans, WYF lost faith completely.

Because the reasons above, WYF filed a lawsuit on May 15, 2014 at the Seoul Central District Court, asking the court to void his contract with SM. 

On May 14, 2015, the court gave its decision and confirmed that SM must give all rights of management outside of Korea to a third party determined by WYF. 

The studio believes that the court’s ruling is fair and just, yet after a year of this, SM continues with another lawsuit, unhappy with the court’s ruling. SM does this to stall the process of canceling the contract, further keeping WYF from living his life and doing his job.

WYF has and will always be grateful to SM and the people who helped him grow as a celebrity. He accepted the court’s decision before and will continue to follow the legal rulings on his contract lawsuit.

At the same time, WYF has hired a professional team of lawyers, Chinese and Korean, to assist in the lawsuit, and he will continue to fulfill his work commitments in China. 

Until the lawsuit is finished, WYF and the studio will no longer speak about the lawsuit and anything related to the mess between SM and WYF. Everything will be handled by the lawyers.

Alternate Translation

[a/n: Now that the truth from the ultimate source has come out. Hopefully year old rumors and speculations can be put to rest. The truth is here.]

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  1. This is the side of sm that no one sees (or wants to talk about)....but you can't hide the truth, this is what happened. I now see that the anger I felt towards him in the beginning wasn't even justified...


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