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Wednesday, July 22, 2015

[WRITER'S NOTE]150720 What's Up with Tao & Being Happy In This Fandom

I wrote a post about this a couple of months ago detailing Tao's activity. This is sort of a follow up to that, but still an article in its own. I'm sure everyone is wondering what is going on with Tao, because I'm still confused about the whole situation. Everything, it seems, is happening so fast. One day we were getting a letter from Papa Huang (a.k.a Tao's dad), and today Tao is already preparing for the release of his first solo mini album. What are we to do?

In the Chinese fandom, most fans automatically took his father's letter as confirmation that he was out of EXO, while Korean fans, who were unsure at first, quickly gave him the boot as well. It's all so sad. There's still speculation Tao's personal thoughts for leaving. From what his dad said, the reasons were 1)Tao's injuries and lack of care, and 2) No studio/solo activities/etc. for his son. You can read the whole letter here, and draw your own conclusions.

On May 29th, SM's most recent statement said that they were in negotiations with Tao and his father, and that Tao hadn't withdrawn from EXO. From what I've heard from others, his father is very involved. Not just some parent who came to have a talk with their child's teacher. He's very involved. As of July, no lawsuit or any of the like has been filed, so from what we can see from the outside, he hasn't sued SM or anything. Many fans are speculating that maybe his contract expired? 

From a former SM trainee, it's been said that contrary to popular belief, SM's long 5+ year contracts still exist. Contracts now could be in the range of 5-7 years for all we know. Some think that maybe the Chinese member's contracts were shorter. Again, this is still speculation, so don't take it as fact just yet.

So, what has Tao been up to since the end of April? At the start of May, he set off to Los Angeles, California for treatment and rest (emotionally, physically, and mentally). He was welcomed by fans at LAX, who showed nothing but love and support for him. 

His first Instagram update in L.A.

This trip of course did not go without fan sightings. Tao literally hit up every amusement park in the L.A. area. Our little peach went to Universal Studios, Disney Land, Six Flags, and Sea World. Sea World, guys. I hope I named all of them. Basically, I'm totally jealous. I haven't gotten to do anything this summer. OTL. [Side note: About a week after Tao's trip to Universal, our very own Kim Jongin made his was to L.A. to have his own summer vacation.]

A few weeks into his stay, he came back to China to shoot for a promotion for a video game. This earned him a lot of money in this one gig (all he did was, like, stand there and pose. Hello? Where do I sign up for this?). After this and doing a few other things, he made his was back to Cali.

While staying in L.A., many new developments came about. First, it was announced that he would have his own personal studio in China. He was later seen in SNS updates with producer Tayla Parx. She has worked with EXO and SM Ent. in the past 6 months. About 2 months after his arrival in L.A. photos were released of him in a dance studio. 

People put two and two together and realized something big was going to happen soon.

Purple hair boy :D
Within a week, it was announced that Tao will be releasing his first solo album on July 23, 2015. Tao said on a show (which he filmed a day ago. It hasn't been released in full [besides short fancams] yet as I am writing this) that if his album does well, he hopes to hold a small mini concert in August.

How To Be Happy In A Fandom That Goes Through A Lot

A lot of fans are hurt, confused, and filled with a mix of emotions. That's okay. Trust me, you're not the only one feeling confused. All of us are. In my personal opinion, I smell something fishy going on. Maybe it's nothing, but something just isn't sitting right with me. I don't think anyone will really be able to put this down until we get some official confirmation. Maybe then we can finally have some closure. Until then, let's see how this album goes. Because waiting is all we can do, for now.

Don't we all miss the times when our fandom wasn't super serious and divided, and we could joke about anything? I really wish we could be like that again. Hopefully, one day we can! We can see a smile on D.O.'s face for the first time in 2 years! (Joking...) Maybe EXO will get to cross dress as SNSD! Showtime season 2? Anything! OTL. 

I think the best fandoms are the ones who don't take themselves so seriously, and just have fun. So let's all just take a deep breath and remember to laugh. Remember what made you happy when you first saw EXO! If you need to go watch that MAMA 2013 again to see that amazing performance, go ahead. If Xiumin's WOLF era aeygo made you want to be an fan, then it's fine! Personally, I really knew this was my group when I saw the 2013 Dubstep Intro (which needs to be revamped for 2015). The past...it happened, and it's okay to still laugh about those things. Let's not pretend they didn't happen, because that would be the worst thing to do.

EXO-L, just like any other fandom has it's up's and downs. It's amazing how much we've all been through in just 3 years with EXO. If you're still here, then congrats to you for making it this long, and not giving up when it seemed like the only thing to do. **applause** I think if we all go into everything that comes with that same excitement we had at first, instead of the ''Oh, I wonder what bad will happen this time," type of attitude, we can really enjoy it all again. We also have to remember that EXO isn't perfect, and that mistakes will be made. So don't set your expectations too high, or neither too low.

We all know it's hard, but we have to hang in there until the end. Remember when Kai said that he'd still perform even if there was one fan left? You could be that one fan (who DOESN'T want a private show from Kai? If you say no to that then, please let me intercede), so don't give up. Cheer up EXO-L, just look how far we've come. We can make it. Fighting!!!

Seriously, though, if SM doesn't give me long haired Chanyeol again, I might just have to leave kpop all together. Do I really need to start a petition or something?

How could this not be on SM's daily agenda? I need this in my life again, to be honest.

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Written by Danielle@exodicted.net

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  1. Thank you for this!

  2. i'm still here, even after almost four years


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