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Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Reasons why EXO loves you!

We all know that you love them, girls love them, fanboys love them, dogs love them, your math teacher loves them, plants love them- oh. you got the point? Everybody loves EXO, and there's no doubt in that, since we see it everywhere, from the comments on their instagram posts, to them winning number one in music programs. But how does EXO show their love to you? 
Here are, in no particular order, ways EXO loves you! 

1.Their instagram posts. I mean, they're keeping us updated with them 24/7.

2. Working hard 24/7 to give us only the best, with music, musicals, dramas. Oh yes. Dramas.

(Satansoo .. please, I thought your headlocks were only for Bacon and Chanyeol.)

which brings me to.. 
3. Exo next Door.

you know, that if you missed one episode you were screwed, i mean, that sebaek scene? yehet.

4. Exo Eye contact
I mean do I really need to explain this one? 

One word, " Bless ". 

5. Their faces. No, not the hot faces, this.

This made you laugh huh? I know, i know. It's a unicorn thing, that only this guy can do.

6. Again, Eye contact, but with the fans... at the camera- *dies*

is that a sly smirk I see Oh Thehun? 


The picture talks for itself.

So there you have it. Of course, this wasn't every way exo shows their love to us, but it was definitely some ways. Exo loves you, so let's continue to love them to the very end, like true exo-l! 

                                                   Shared by SquishyKyungsoo @ exodicted,net
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