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Friday, July 10, 2015

[ARTICLE]150709 Chen's Musical Debut in In The Heights

Opening in September at Blue Square Samsung Card Hall, the cast of the musical ‘In The Heights’ was revealed on the 9th.

Through this opportunity, Chen of EXO will be making his debut as a musical actor.

Chen’s designated character is Benny, a boy who works at a taxi company operating under Nina’s father, eventually falling in love with Nina. With his outstanding singing abilities already proved through drama OSTs, Chen’s debut as a musical actor is expected to gain a great deal of attention.

Other than Chen, actors and actresses such as Seo Kyungsoo, Yang Donggeun, Kim Sungkyu and Jang Dongwoo of INFINITE, Key of SHINee, and Luna of f(x) will be acting in the musical.

'In The Heights’ will run from September 4th to November 22nd at Blue Square Samsung Card Hall, with ticketting scheduled to open on July 23rd.”

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