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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

[ARTICLE] 150728 “’Acting-idol’ D.O receives another leading role offer only a year after his film dèbut”

“D.O (Do Kyungsoo), who is currently promoting both as a member of group EXO and as an actor, is receiving acknowledgement for his skills on screen and being cast as a leading character in film after film. With it being only a year after his dèbut through the film ‘Cart’, his growth can be concidered very fast.
D.O is currently in the middle of shooting for the film 'Pure Love’ in Junlanamdo Goheung, and it has been revealed that he has received a request to take on another main character role, in the film 'Hyung’. He has been considering the offer, and has recently made up his mind to appear in the film.
The film 'Hyung’, set to begin filming around October or November, is a human story revolving around two brothers. D.O will act as the younger brother who learns to mature after being in an unfortunate accident. After filming for 'Pure Love’ is completed in August or September, he will immediately begin preparing for the filming of 'Hyung’. It has been revealed that the role of the hyung will be taken on by a current top-star actor in his thirties.
Upon the revelation of D.O’s involvement with 'Hyung’, the production received much attention. The scenario for 'Hyung’ was written by writer Yoo Youngah, who also brought together an audience of 12.8 million with the movie 'Miracle in Prison Cell 7’. The director will be Kwon Sookyungwho, who previously worked on 'Barefoot Kibong’. This upcoming film is expected to revolve around the struggle of two brothers to overcome various trials, and is likely to stimulate tears and emotions.
A representative revealed on the 27th that ’D.O has already received acknowledgement of his skills through 'Cart’ and other projects’, and, 'is currently receiving the interest of many producers due to his ability to express a variety of genres, rather than being limited to a specific one.’”

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