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Wednesday, June 24, 2015

[TRANS]150623 EXO-L From Star:KAI Message

"Hello. I'm EXO's KAI.

Everyone I promised that I would come back.

Am I very late?ㅜ
I was looking for pictures so that's why I'm a bit late. Hu....
In the future I'll post a lot of pictures to make all the bad ones disappear.

Actually, I was very nervous to do the live broadcast but together with EXO-L
I was talking and doing a quiz and copied the way you cheer for us.
I really don't know where the time went,
I had so much fun to the point of being touched.

You were singing, calling us and answering our questions..
I was very impressed when you solved the MV quiz without a single mistake
Plus it's gone to the point that no EXO-Ls can't do fanart, you are the best. Pretty~

Today was a very nice day!

I'll come back again."

 CR, xMoonYukix
Shared by Danielle@exodicted. net

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