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Thursday, June 25, 2015

[OFFICIAL] 150624 Yixing's Studio Weibo Update

"Today I heard boss talking about the little things that “Go, Fighting!” has taught him.
- “Life, it is not enough to just desperately work hard. You also have to select the right method, using the right techniques.”
- “I thought that this was only a simple game. But it is more complicated than what I thought. If you want to win, you need to go and learn how to play it.”
- “It is not enough to just better your intelligence. You will still need to learn how to use your intellect to contemplate calmly when faced with problems.”
- “I partcipated in a reality program with the hopes that everyone can see my strengths, but also afraid that it’ll expose my weaknesses. I have mentally prepared myself before coming.”

 - “In the situation where I was able to forgive someone, but was unable to trust him again; I cried.”
- “I have never thought about how I should face the audience. I only wanted to honestly express my feelings.”
- “Everyone believes that the persistence of those who were born after the 90s is sometimes reckless and wrong. But that is their true self. In future I will not avoid my shortcomings, I will slowly learn and grow.”
- “An individual who blindly gives up their principles is not a strong person. Stubbornly persisting foolishly is also not enough. Those who adhere to the basis of their principles and complete all challenges are amazing."

 trans: fy-exo
cr. Yuki
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