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Tuesday, June 16, 2015

[ARTICLE] 150615 New Stills From 'I Remember You' - D.O.'s New Drama

I think my son is a monster
Images of Do Kyungsoo’s special appearance as Lee Junyoung in KBS’s new Mon-Tues drama I Remember You have been released. The strange expression on his face piques curiosity.
Lee Junyoung was a dangerous person that Lee Joongmin (Jeon Kwangryul), father of Lee Hyun (Seo Inguk), was profiling, and who immediately sensed Hyun’s genius. Although Lee Junyoung is a character from Hyun’s memories, he continues to haunt Hyun’s present life.

Do Kyungsoo received recognition of his potential through last year’s It’s Okay, It’s Love and Cart. Because of this, his role of Lee Junyoung has caught attention.

Reportedly, Do Kyungsoo became attached to Lee Junyoung. Even in the midst of a busy schedule, he read the script again and again in order to understand the character exactly, and arrived prepared in order to communicate thoroughly with the director. Heedless of his body, he threw himself into acting and showed an outstanding performance. 

CJ E&M says, “Expect a great presence from the first episode with Do Kyungsoo. What kind of person the character is, what kind of background he has, we cannot reveal yet. What we can: though his appearance is short, Do Kyungsoo will definitely secure his title as an actor through this project. Don’t miss the broadcast.”

The first episode will air June 22nd, 10PM KST.

Let's get excited everyone! It's round two for dramas for D.O.!

K-Netz Reaction:

[+1271 -119] I'm going crazy... Kyungsoo ahhh

[+1059 -97] What... gradually became anticipating this drama

[+1004 -95] How will Kyungsoo play Joonyoung? I get goosebumps right now.

[+821 -83] Kyungsoo ah... Kyungsoo... Want to see you sooner!

[+388 -35] Greaaaaaat! TTTTTTTTTT

[+276 -25] Very talented. Good at singing as well as acting. EXO kids are not like relying on their faces, but really has actor feels, especially this kid.

[+275 -24] Goosebumps...really anticipating

C-Netz Reaction:

[+182] The man... too handsome

[+161] Doh Kyungsoo is suitable for complicated character.. His eye expression is full of drama

[+141] He's talented. Watched his drama before and he's quite good. Another good idol actor. Maybe he'll go into movie industry like Park Yoochun.

[+123] Absolute actor. He has tremendous potential!

[+124] When can my dodo walk out of lead actor's mind? (saying kyungsoo's actor is again in leading actor's memory or hallucination)

[+118] I truly think kyungsoo's acting is good. In EXO Next Door last episode, his monologue made me almost cry. Kyungsoo ahhhhhh

[+112[ Kyungsoo can rely on his face, but he chooses to rely on his talents...

[+101] Complicated character with sad aura. The roles this kid chooses are always having distinctive features...[ +84] After watching IOIL I was shocked by his acting. Can't tell he was just a new actor. My friend became a fan of

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