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Friday, October 26, 2012

[FAN-ACCOUNT] EXO-M @ KCON's Fansigning Event - From 121013

I know this is late but oh well ^^ Here's my fanaccount of EXO M at KCON.

My friends and I spent a while in the morning looking for vouchers after we found out about them and basically, we got really tired and just gave up. It was around 1-1:30 when we gave up and we decided to visit different booths to make the best out of it. So we were at this place where there weren't many people, looking at merchandise and stuff, when a security guard stormed by me and said to me, "You'll want this." He handed me a voucher for EXO M and walked away. asdlfksjfddfdsadf omg I wanted to hug the security guard tbqh LOL

When it was time, my friends and I walked to the tent where autograph sessions were taking place. I found another person to line up with and we talked and spazzed about EXO. c: omg then the line started moving and when I was next in line, I honestly couldn't believe I was standing so close to EXO M T_T I walked up to Kris and I said hi to him in Chinese and told him that my friends and I wrote him letters and that my friend (who didn't get a voucher) really likes him. He laughed a bit, smiled, and said thanks and handed me back my album. I bowed and said 謝謝. Then I went up to Lay and I said hello and he smiled and said hello like "halloo" (/dying). I told him that he's my friend's bias and we all really like him and he smiled (with that dimple of his dfkjdf) and said thanks. While he was signing, the girl in front of Kris asked for a fist bump and he looked around while laughing and said 我可以嗎?("Can I?" in Chinese) He did it in the end and when Lay finished signing, I asked him for one too and he smiled and sort of wiggled his head (LOL) and fistbumped me. He fistbumped me with his hand that had a ring on it so it hurt a little LOL but it's alright. After, I bowed to him and said 謝謝. After Lay, it was Luhan (he's my bias <3 <3 <3 ) I handed him the album and said hello and he smiled and said hello back. I told him 今天晚上加油! (sort of like "fighting!") He looked up, smiled, and said 謝謝 and looked down to continue his signature. He took a long time for some reason so I started looking around. Tao, Chen, and Xiumin had nothing to do cause Luhan took so long ^^ so I looked over at them and Chen saw me and he waved and smiled (he's too cute ;-;) When Luhan finished, he smiled and said 謝謝 again and I bowed and said 謝謝 back. After Luhan, I handed Xiumin my album and he smiled and started signing. I couldn't really say anything to him because of our language barrier but I told him 加油 and he laughed and continued to sign. Again, I bowed and said 謝謝. Then I went up to Chen and the same thing happened. I told him 加油 and he smiled and said 謝謝. Wait, he looks really friendly in real life though :) he's so cute. Then I bowed, said thanks in Chinese, and went on to Tao. Tao, he looks 100x less intimidating in real life :pandaninja: (felt like I needed to point that out LOL) I handed him my album and he was like smiling throughout the whole thing. I told him good luck on his performance tonight and he smiled and handed me back my album. Then, as usual, I bowed and said 謝謝.

謝謝 means "thanks" in Chinese

Posted Image
You can't see my face but it's okay omg, that's me on the very right LOL ^^v
Official KCON 2012 Photography by Kevin Truong, Mark Ubiadas, Klarisse Gepilano, Joie Peralta, and Joseph Chan of Mnet, Koreaboo & KCON © 2012 Mnet.Posted Image
EXO M's signatures + the voucher (my photo)
(Credit: eeeemilyy@twitter)
Shared by Luhan @ EXOdicted.blogspot.com

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