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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

[Article] The Meaning Behind The Name of EXO-M

Lu Han - Lu(鹿)=deer, an uncommon Chinese surname. Han(晗)=before dawn
Kris(Wu Fan) - Wu(吴)=popular Chinese surname, synonymous with wu(无)=no. Fan(凡)=ordinary. When put together it sounds like: not ordinary aka extraordinary.
Lay(Zhang YiXing) - Zhang(张)=popular Chinese surname. Yi(艺)=art, talent. Xing(兴)=happy, to initiate, to be interested.
Tao(Huang ZiTao) - Huang(黄)=yellow, popular Chinese surname. Zi(子)=son. Tao(滔)=pouch for arrows & swords, when used in a name, denotes reserved, humble, forgiving. Fans nicknamed him Tao(桃)=peach.
Xiu Min - SME never indicated which Chinese characters the syllables “Xiu” and “Min” were supposed to assume. Popular consensus is that Xiu(秀) = pretty, exceptional. Min(敏)= agile, keen.
Chen - SME never indicated the character for the syllable “Chen” either… so fans nicknamed him Cheng Zi(橙子)=orange. :)

(Credit: baidu luhan bar, krischina, pure land, exoxe, axpxo, blackrouge / Trans by: love-exo @ Tumblr) 
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