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Hello fellow EXO-L wherever you are!
We're gonna open another Staff Application in 2016!
But first of all, thank you so much for always be there. Keep on loving us and trusting us to bring you latest update of EXO ;)
Finally, we'll have another Special Staff Hiring!! *claps*
Oh and by the way, we actually always open our staff application, but because we're urgently need staff to our site, we're making this official post to inform everyone that we need A LOT of new staff.

Okay, so we REALLY need an Author.
If you see that we're lacking on updates nowadays, that's because we really don't have any active author to updates about EXO like the old days /sobs.
We're looking forward for you if you think that you're capable and available 24/7 to upload and post everything regarding to EXO, their official updates, the fantaken pics, the fan-account, etc. We're welcoming you to join on our team and to SHINEEEEEEEE as an dedicated EXO-L.

Another staff that we really need is Writer.
Our fansite is dull, so dry without any good review, fan-fiction, weekly topic, etc from the Writer. If you think that you loved to write an article, fan-fiction, etc. Please sign up as our Writer, we really need you!!!!
Well, who doesn't need a translator? We, as international fans, we don't even know how can we survive without a translator? T-T
Anyway, as usual, Korean Translator, Chinese Translator and new staff position, Japanese Translator!!!
We need youuuuu guys so bad!! Please join our site :')

These 3 are the position that we need the most as for now! But don't worry, we have another staff position that might be fit for you (If you think that these 3 are not your field!). Here is the list:
  1. Graphic Designer
  2. Reporter
  3. Editor
  4. Fashion Admins
  5. Uploader & Encoder
  6. Subber (Timer/Typesetter)
  7. Fashion Admin
  8. Motion Graphic
  9. Project Manager
  10. Store Manager
  11. Compiler Admin
We have a lot of staff to hire, if you think you're match with one or two or three (the maximum position is three bcs I know you're excited but nope, too much work will burden you and you'll give up eventually!) let's join us, if you love the boys, don't spazz alone, don't let your magical hands and your sincere heart of loving EXO be wasted, you'll be so appreciated if you're the part of a fansite, our fansite is the first ever fansite of EXO, we're the first one that serve EXO-L everything they need, our fansite is trusted, if you're an old fans you must remember that EXO's manager, has left a thanks note for us (well its indirectly for us, we posted a fan-account about the fans who's bought ice cream to the EXO-M members back then when OT12 still exist and everything seems to be so full of love and of course, when they're still a rookie. Anyway, they said "Thank you for your love" to us, in our comment section and we're almost explode bcs of happiness #throwbackhappiness) but well, at least, they know that we're exist since they're still a 'hen', they're a 'big chicken' now, they're so famous. #whatamitalkingabout

Oh and btw, EXOdicted to have a big renovation for our site, we'll have a lot more things to provide for y'all so you won't regret be our staff. So c'mooooon join us!!!

If you're interested, please CLICK HERE.
Write the form and send it to


Hello EXO-L out there! We are so excited to finally share with you our latest thoughts, that will be such successful plans with your help. 

So, what are the thoughts all about?
We're thinking about debuting EXO-L'E', who are obviously EXO-L who will sing English versions of EXO's songs (English Covers).
And who knows?
Maybe one of the group members could be you.

Okay so let's talk about the positions needed.
We basically need:

1) Singers:
-High Pitch-ed Voice [Female: Soprano│Male: Tenor]
-Low Pitch-ed/ Deep Voice [Female: Mezzo│Male: Bass]

Average Range: middle C to high C
Strength: Strong head voice
Voice Tone: bright and ringing

Average Range: Low C to a high C
Strength: Strong head voice
Voice Tone: bright and ringing

Average Range: G (below middle C) to a high C
Strength: Strong middle voice
Voice Tone: The mezzo voice is usually darker or deeper than her soprano counterpart.

Average Range: E flat to F
Strength: low voice
Voice Tone: deepest, darkest and heaviest of the male voices.

2) Rappers:
-Can also sing (Like Kai/Chanyeol)
-Can't sing/just pure rap

3) Audio Merger/Editor:
-The one who edits the recordings of the band and fixes it with the official (Instrumental) sound track.

4) Lyrics Composer:
-The one who can write English lyrics (conveying the SAME meaning of the real EXO song) that flow well with the tune.

5) Subtitle Encoder:
-No, it's not all about subbing. The one who would choose this, will transcript and encode the (English) lyrics used along with the song.

6) Music Mixer/Maker
-The candidate for this should have some skills in mixing music, as they will be in charge of the main background music (Audio Track).
-He/She should make a complete audio track (ready to use).

Whoever is interested, should fill out the following form and send it to either:
E-mail: NaDaHisHaMAzZaM
LINE ID: nada_kpop_dooley

Experience (How often were you doing this?):
Strongest Points:
Weakest Points (everyone has weak points, So it's okay to say them.) :
Reason you want to work with us:
A sample (If you're a singer/rapper, then a recording. If you are an encoder or an Audio Merger/ Editor, send the link of any video you've encoded/ edited/ merged. And if you're a lyric composer, type in the name of the song (should be EXO's) followed by the lyrics):

P.S. If you can't send the recording for some reason, private message me on my LINE and we will discuss this issue.
P.S.S. After we finish judging, we will contact you informing you of whether you made it in or not.

Deadline- 03/03/2016

What are you waiting for? Believe me it's worth a click.
We wish you all good luck!


On Friday, SM Entertainment announced that there will be an upcoming coloring book featuring their popular idol band EXO. The coloring book, titled “EXO: A Day In EXOPLANET” will be published in Korea and China on Feb. 17.

The coloring book will feature characterized images of the nine EXO members in their daily lives, showing them in the studio, at home, traveling to schedules, etc.
It is expected that the caricatures will show the individual charms of EXO’s members, and also feature some of their most popular stage outfits and conceptual styles throughout their career.
The announcement comes a day after it was revealed that SM Entertainment is looking to create K-pop focused products such asEXO-inspired instant noodles. It also is a nod to the rising popularity of adult coloring books, which are widely popular in Korea.
Pre-orders for “EXO: A Day In EXOPLANET Coloring Book” went on sale in Korea on Friday, and will be sold through SM’s store SUM, Myeongdong Book Park Interpark, and the online Chinese retailer, T mall.

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Hold up, hold up!
I know it’s been a long time since it was released, but let’s do a quick brush up on Baekhyun’s newest collaborative single with Miss A’s Suzy, entitled Dream.

A jazz inspired track blended with vibrant pop R&B soul beats with neo-soul sounds, this song definitely gives off a laid back feel to the listener, a good change of pace once in a while from the fast, electrifying beats that the K-pop genre is distinctively known for. The single was written by Park Geun Tae, Choi Jin Seok, and Kim Eana, who has previously worked with EXO, as the lyricist for the Korean version of the song Lucky, from EXO’s 1st full repackaged album, Growl. The lyrics, rich of sweet words spoken by a love struck couple who feels that their love is like a dream, that’s too good to be true. 
Here’s a few opening lines that no doubt, make a woman’s heart flutter:
You are beautiful just as you were yesterday
No, you’re more beautiful than you were yesterday
When I say something like this
You always change the subject, pretending you didn’t hear anything

Thanks to the voices of Baekhyun and Suzy, the song creates a mellow yet classy feel, attributing to the MV as well; where the video is set in vintage styled room, with the vocalists sitting at the middle, surrounded by a jazz band accompaniment which gives off a heartwarming feeling as the chemistry of the voices sound so beautifully harmonious.
As good as the song is, the single debuted at number one on South Korea's Gaon weekly digital chart and remained at this position for three consecutive weeks. The physical version also debuted at the same position on the Gaon weekly album chart. Recently, it has won the first Triple Crown of the year on SBS’s Inkigayo, and it also has a total of 5 music show wins in three weeks without any promotion or live performances from the duet.
To wrap this up, Dream is a refreshing song to one’s ear, a replay button killer and a must listen for everyone out there.

Probably you could say that this is a coffee-shop-type-of-song, but as for me, if this song was likened to coffee, then the taste of caffeine has never been this sweet.

(Photo credit: MYSTIC ENT)
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"Let's meet in the future.:)"

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Teacher's Staff Room
Genre: Straight, smut
Pairing: Xiumin, OC
Length: One-Shot



Author's Pov

Two days ago, Jinmee was released from the hospital after waking up 1 week before. Her health was alright, but the doctors told her to take a school leave for one week to make sure that everything is going fine, and If she had any problem, She'd directly go to the hospital's Emergency Department. 

Her parents settled all her school-related-papers for her to start school after 5 more days. She'd be 3 school-years younger than all her friends who used to be in her classroom. She felt so bad to be at this age and still going to be a freshman, Well... Who wouldn't? 
It was Tuesday morning when the ringing phone woke her up. She wondered where her parents was, because usually they never leave the telephone's side. Her mother is talking to her neighbor most of the day, that sometimes she wondered if they talk about the same stuff all the time they speak. While her dad, He's usually at work, he comes back home just directly before Jinmee goes to bed. They never got the chance to speak, yes, they weren't in any type of friendship. Sometimes, she wished to replace him with another dad who free-s his time for her, Someone who really wants to listen to her. But of course, that's nothing she could change,

"Hello" She answered the phone. Her eyes widened as she heard what the person on the other line was saying.
"For real? Are you serious?" She exclaimed happily and without realizing, she started jumping all over the place with the phone still in her hands.
"Thanks alot for giving me the chance, Sir. I really appreciate it." She hanged up upon hearing his reply.

She continued smiling like an idiot and jumping in her place saying "Yes!" every time she jumps. Seeing her mom gets into the house, She ran over to her and gave her a tight hug, that made her mom cough. 
"Opps.. Sorry mom." She apologized.
"What happened that made my lovely daughter so happy?" Her mom asked her wanting to know all of it.

"Mom, Mr. Kim just called!" Jinmee said with a happy smile spread on her face as she remembered.
"Mr.Kim?" Her mother asked, questioning who that man is.
"Mom, You don't know Mr.Kim? Mr.Byun's secretary?" Jinmee asked her in disbelief.
"Ahhh, You mean Jongin? You could have just 'our neighbor' silly." Her mum said, messing her hair.
Yes that's right, Mr. Kim Jongin is their neighbor. The one that always childishly complains about the telephone bills, that his wife and Jinmee's mom spend. He is also Mrs. Ahn's childhood's bestfriend.
"What did he tell you, anyway?" Mrs. Ahn asked.
A grin was spread on Jinmee's face again. "He said that he talked to Mr. Byun and he decided to give me a chance to be a junior! Isn't that great? I can be with Eunmi again in the same classroom!" She said and her mom giggled.
"Really? But how?" She questioned.
Jinmee's grin disappeared after hearing her mom's question. "He asked me to do an exam... an Entrance Exam. And that exam will be covering the sophomore year's syllabus too. Omaygod! 
Mom I need to start studying right now, to be able to pass the exam. Pray for me okay? Bye!" and with that Jinmee ran to her room.

She decided to go to Eunmi's house , Who is her bestfriend, and get the books of the years she missed to start her work. When she came back from the girl's house, she ran up the stairs thinking of what should she study first. 

Speaking about the subjects, Well.. Jinmee was a hardcore fan of Biology and Chemistry. Those were the only 2 subjects that she scored well in. She used to be top 1 in her class when it comes to Chemistry or Biology. Her defect was in Physics! Yes, she is good in Math but horrible in Physics. And when I say horrible, I mean H-O-R-I-B-L-E!

By Tuesday evening, She was finished with History, Literature and Geography. These were subjects she loves, that's why she took less time to complete.
On Wednesday, Math, Biology, and half of the Chemistry Syllabus were completed. She was deadly tired, but she had this spirit, that made her do for whatever she wants to achieve. 
On Thursday, the other half of the subject was absorbed by her mind. It was an easy thing for her. The remaining subject for her was Physics. She sighed heavily upon remembering. Opening the Physics book, Looking into the index, turning some pages, she closed the book and yet another sigh escaped her smooth lips. 

Running her fingers through her hair, she grabbed her jacket and left her house, storming all of a sudden into her best friend's house for the nth time this week. 
Eunmi saw her and she sighed thinking why did she give her the house key in the first place.

"Eunmi-ah, Help me juseyo!" Eunmi looked at her with an apologetic look.
"Sorry Jinmee-ya, I have to study for my school exams too." Jinmee got the message and went through the door to leave the house.

The door was slammed making a high sound, surprising Eunmi. She sighed deeply and stood to tell her best friend some useful information. "Chingu-ya" She called but Jinmee, who was atleast 100 meters away, didn't hear her. 

"Ahn Jinmee!" She shouted, through the street. Jinmee turned around to look at her bestfriend with her nightgown in the street calling her name.
"Yah~ Are you stupid? You'll get a cold! Go inside, hurry!" She grabbed her arms and took her into the house.
"I don't care if I got a cold, just don't be mad at me, okay?" She said with a serious look yet an apologetic tone.
"Aigoo~ Why will I be mad at you? You have your exams too, It's fine!" Jinmee said smiling to the girl infront of her.
"Gomapta Chingu-ya" with that, both of them hugged.

"Ah, right! I think I know who would help you in your Physic problem." Eunmi exclaimed.
"Wait... How did you... How did you know it's Physics?" Jinmee broke the hug and looked at her friend questioningly.
"Ayy, You never come to ask me help, except if it's Physics, dude." She said, "Anyway, we have this new hot multi-lingual Physics Teacher. He will understand your situation and will directly explain everything you need him in." she continued.
"Really? How can I meet him?" Jinmee asked her.
"Probably in school, Just go home and I'll call him for you, then I'll tell you what he said." Eunmi offered.
"Did anyone tell you before that you are the nicest best friend ever?" Jinmee said, giving her a cheek kiss, then running out back to her house.

2 Hours later, Eunmi called telling Jinmee that she talked to the teacher about her situation, and he said she could visit him anytime she needed him. Since it was already night, and no one would be at school by now, she decided to go to school the coming day to talk to that teacher. 

Waking up early, She left to school, It wasn't an official school day for her, yet she went for her Physics lessons. Walking through the collidor, looking right and then left, 'Wow, this school really changed in those years.' She thought. 

"Oh! Ahn Jinmee?" A tall lady wearing a pink formal uniform asked her.
"Yes, OMO! Min-ji Sonsaeng-nim?" Jinmee asked excitedly, grinning at her lod Biology teacher. She was the reason Jinmee fell in love with that subject.
After their 'short' conversation, Jinmee asked her were the new Physics teacher sits. Minji showed her the way saying "This is Mr. Kim's office-room. Knock before entering." and with that, Jinmee was left with no one other than the cold door knob, asking herself whether to turn it or not.

She finally knocked on the door. She heard some slams going inside, before hearing a loud "Get In!" She opened the staff room's door to be more shocked at what she saw. That teacher they were calling him hot. HOT isn't even a word to describe him! She quickly looked away because she know that if she didn't she will end up drooling.

"Oh... I'm sorry if I came in all of a sudden." She said caressing her nape awkwardly
"Uhhh.. No it's totally fine, Come In, Why are you standing there?" He asked her and so she came into his office. She noticed him staring at her. NOT JUST STARING, he was like eye fucking her.
"Ehmm.." She tried faking a cough to break the silence and his eye contact with her body. He noticed it so he quickly turned his head and suddenly started coughing. She hurriedly got him a cup of water from the cooler at his right. While getting it, He noticed how beautiful and sexy she is. With those perfect curves, he started having dirty thoughts about her, When suddenly she turned to give him the water, they had another eye contact and he started coughing all over again.
"Have some water, teacher, It helps." She said, giving him one of her sweetest smiles. He drank the water and told her to sit at the side chair.
"So... H- How can I help you?" He asked feeling all bad, how can he think of someone he doesn't even know who she is in this way.
"Oh? ahh I am sorry for not introducing myself earlier. I am Ahn Jinmee, Lee Eunmi's Friend. I guess she told you about me, didn't she?"
"Lee Eunmi? That short-haired girl?" He asked her.
"Probably Yeah." She said.
"Yea she told me about your situation and asked me to give you some explanation for what you didn't understand while studying." He told her, giving a silent sigh of relief.
"I'm sorry to be a burden on you. I know you probably have much more important things." She said.
"No. Not at all. Honestly, today is my free day." He said as a sly smirk was shown on his face.
"Oh, really? That's good then." She said, and he started asking her what couldn't she understand and explained her some stuff.

"Thanks a lot, sir. I really appreciate it." She thanked him.
"Oh, is that it? Only those concepts?" He asked her. Looking at her hand watch,  She gasped. "It's almost 7 PM, I must have kept you very late, I' m so sorry." She felt guilty towards his stay at school around this time, his wife must be getting crazy.
"It's fine, I'm pretty sure I didn't have anything to do anyway." He told her with a sincere smile. "So, Is that all? You don't have any other conflicts? Even if silly ones? You know You can ask me those ones too." He told her.
"Actually there's a very stupid thing, that usually freshmen students take... But as you know, I was in a Coma that time. But anyway, It's fine, Your wife must be waiting for you." She said. He chuckled and surprisingly he told her "I'm not married.... Nor do I have a girlfriend."
"What? Really? If you don't mind me asking, How old are you?" She asked him.
"I'm 21." A sexy smirk crept on his face.
"Woah.. You're so young!" She complimented him.
"Thanks... but what is your last conflict?" He asked her.
"Uhhh.. Actually.... It's so stupid that you are probably gonna laugh at me." She told him, feeling hesitate to tell him.
"Heyy..Of course I wont. Say it, ppalli." He said in an informal way, and they both laughed at it.
"Okay then, Don't laugh later! It's Acceleration." She said, lowering her head from the embarrassment.  
"Ohh! That's easy. Let me show you, It'll be better for you and your doubts." And with that, he leaned in and kissed her lips. She was shocked, like really shocked. She gasped in between the kiss, and that made him slip his tongue in.
She wanted to stop that, It was her first, and She wanted it to be special with the one she loves. But, thoughts started accessing her brain, and in a moment she kissed him back. Licking each other's tongues and exploring their own mouths. It felt so hot, that Mr.Kim opened his first 2 shirt buttons, revealing his fascinating abs. Her breath hitched, but she didn't want to break the kiss.

Their kiss lasted for eternity. He felt that she was out of breath, so he let go of her lips only to suck on her collarbone. Her head was thrown to the back directly as a response to the feeling of his magical lips going down her collarbone.
She felt her hand working on their own when they opened the buttons of her shirt, to the limit that her clothed cleavage was standing proud waiting for his touch. As if he read her thoughts, he decided to tease her for awhile. He went upwards only to capture her lips again. Her hand went all over his back, then they fell to the sides of the sofa, not knowing where to go anymore.

Kissing him, he suddenly let go of her lips. She felt sexually frustrated, for him. She looked at him with a questioning look. "Enjoying it, aren't you?" He asked her. Her cheeks reddened from embarrassment. She just lowered her head to hide her tomato cheeks and nodded her head shyly.

He came more closer to her, raising her face to meet his eyes. "You are pretty!" He told her closing the distance between them again. But this time, it was short kiss, because he started on nibbling her earlobe, giving her few yet sweet kisses there. She could only bite her lips to prevent any noises from getting out.

"No No No.. that won't work baby... Moan for me Bitch! Xiumin.. I wanna hear it. " his words only made her wet for him. As if she was waiting for it, she stopped biting her lips and her first moans were out. "Uhhh..... Ohhhh... Xiu-Xuim-in-ahh... ohhh"

Going back to her collarbone, he sucked on it marking him his for the night. She couldn't help but to remove his shirt in one swift, causing it to be torn. And that caused him to do nothing but smirk. He pulled her so that she is now laying on the sofa and in no time, his hands carresed her clothed pair. Her hands got tangled in between his hair, pulling him closer to them, wanting to feel something else other than his hands, You know what I mean, don't you?

Agreeing to give her what she wants, his mouth did his job between her still clothed boobs. As an Expert, with one hand movement, her bra was unclasped and thrown far away. It landed just right on his laptop, on his desk. Taking it as a chance, Jinmee pushed him away to go and fix her bra on a side that no one could ever see. He didn't go easily though, but at the end he went only to hide her bra in his office's bag.

Smirking as he turned around to return back to his 'job', his jaw dropped in awe. There, facing him, was a fully naked jinmee with nothing on but her panties. She sent him a wink that drove him back to his senses. He came closer to her, but was welcomed by her hand telling him not to come any closer. He sent her a confused look, not knowing if she wanted to stop now or what! His question was answered seconds later, when she came closer to him and bent down to touch his milky abs and give it some attention with her tongue. He let out a grunt as he listened to her, "Is it fair, that I be the only one naked?" She asked him between the sucking session.

Her hands made their way to his clothed rock-hard little baby, giving him some pleasure too, as his head were thrown to the back in frustration, yet pleasure.
His hands reached to his pants' belts, but before he could do anything, She got a hold of his hand and said "No No No.. that won't work baby, leave is for me baby~" she smirked trying to get his little free. Succeedingly, his pants fell down to his knees, and she told him to kick them away. He did as ordered. Seeing his tinted boxer, she decided to tease him alittle bit more.

Putting her hands on the sides of his abdomen, she stood up sticking their body together, moving her chest, so that his shaft is in between them. She touched her titties closing them around his big man. Going upwards, touching her body in an erotic way, going towards his lips giving him a sudden smack and started licking them.

Xiumin couldn't take it anymore, he held her head as he sat her on the floor, while he sat on the sofa. Taking off his boxers, she gasped at his size. "Like What you see?" After hearing those words, she realised that she's been staring alot. Wow so embarassing. He chuckled at her expression and told her, "Don't worry, your lovely soon-to-be-boyfriend will do it slowly.. well.. as much as I can."

She laughed at his joke and she welcomed his member with some light, yet passionate kisses. Xiumin's breath hitched and she noticed it, "Won't you moan for me, asshole?" She asked him teasingly as she continued the sexy blowjob session.  

He couldn't take it anymore, He almost came down through her mouth, when she stopped the blowjob. "UGHH WHY DID YOU FUCKING STOP? I WAS JUST ABOUT TO FUCKING CUM." He shouted, earning a chuckle from her.
"Not here little boy, save your cum for the next stage." He couldn't take her teasing actions anymore.

He caught her annd flipped their position, she was now lying on the sofa with him above her, or shall I say IN her? YES, IN!
He couldnt control it anymore, he started thrusting inside her without any warning. She was surprised by his action, but who's she kidding, she expected it. And honestly, she liked that feeling of pain with pleasure he was giving her.

Moans filled the place, his grunts too. He liked the view in his face. The movement of her dancing big steamy boobs infront of his face invited him. Not only the view, her hands around his nape, pulled him closer to them. She felt on cloud nine, when he sucked,nibbled and licked her breasts and his huge senior thrusting her favourite spot over and over again. She didn't want to wake up, she didn't want to leave heaven.

Riding her first orgasm made her feel real paradise. Moments later, more grunts and moans filled the room, as they both came together in one-shot. Their chests panted as they cleaned themselves and sat up.
"So when will I see you again?" He asked her.
"Proably after the result is announced?" she told him.
"Results of what? oh... yea right, sorry I almost forgot." he said and she chuckled.
"So... about the Acceleration, did you get it? Or do you want me to explain it again?" He said as he winked at her.
"Well... I got it, but I'd be glad if you explained it again." She said, going along his game.

*Coughs* *Coughs* I swear I'm innocent, but with Xiumin.... nahh~

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Seoul fans are definitely in the seventh heaven upon knowing that EXO will be performing 3 encore concerts after coming back from North America, ending their tour.

The three EXOPlanet #2 EXO'luxion Tour [dot] concerts will be held at the Olympic Gymnastics Arena in Seoul on March 18th to March 20. 

The ticket sailing will start on Feb 16th at 8 PM KST via YES24.

PS. [Dot] here as in 'full stop' that remarks the end of the tour.

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       SM Entertainment introduces SuperJunior & EXO Ramen; are you interested to eat here?
       Stepping into a new year, SM Entertainment has brought along exciting new projects. Not only are they improving in their music side, they are improving on the food too!
       SMT Seoul restaurant, run by SM, says that SM is entering the ramen world too! SUM (incharge of SM's artist's merchandise) will be working with e-mart to introduce EXO and Super Junior Ramen.
       That's right! It's ramen! From the trending picture, you can see that EXO's ramen is jajangmyung while SJ's one is seafood ramen. As for the taste, there is still no one who gave a review yet.
       SMT Seoul is located in Cheongdamdong, Seoul, a five-story-tall restaurant of which each has its own unique theme. In the first and second floors, customers will be able to enjoy a cafe area that serves lunch and desserts during the daytime and none other than Spanish tapas at night. As an added bonus, SM artists' music, videos, and holographic images will be available for entertainment after 10 PM on Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays.
       On the third and fourth floors, customers may make reservations to eat at the fine cuisine restaurants offering a variety of ethnic foods including Korean, Chinese, and Japanese styles. Lastly, on the fifth and final floor, customers can enjoy the fresh atmospheric relaxation a rooftop garden. Sounds exciting!
       How about it? Has SMT Seoul made your bucket list now to eat at?

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Hello and welcome to EXOdicted's New Discussion Topics called Weekly Topics.

Weekly Topics is for the topic that we should see, ask, answer, and discuss!

Released only on Wednesday.

If you curious or if you want to ask/discuss something about EXO,

It can be EXO's fashion, EXO's selca or anything that you want to discuss,

You can submit your tip for next week's weekly topics.

It's very easy!

Send your tip on

With Subject: [WEEKLY TOPICS]

We'll released one-by-one every week to discuss with all EXO's Fans around the world!
So, send us you tip! Ppppaaaaallllli~~ 

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