Thursday, May 1, 2014

[HIRING!!] Japanese Translator for EXOdicted's Translator Team
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As you guys surely know, EXO just had their 1st fanmeet in Japan which is probably a new step towards their debut in Japan and WE ARE REALLY EXCITED TO KNOW THAT! So, if you guys really understand or are fluent in and/or know Japanese very well. DO APPLY!!

Click HERE for the form 

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

EXOdicted's Mass Hiring!
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Hello everyone!
Here's the big news from EXOdicted~~
We'll open the mass hiring for our site/forum!!
There's the new staff categories;
1. Reporter
2. Compiler Admin
3. SOCMED Moderator
and also the staff for our forum.

Go apply if you're interested!


Sunday, April 20, 2014

140410 [Star Cast] "Special Charms" EXO, Secret meeting with Jackie Chan
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In an unbelievable situation, it happened in front of our eyes. Leaving this behind, are you going to say, "Hells gate was opened"? Beijing's hojo had been paralyzed. With thousands of people, a state funeral happened. Chinese police officers stared absentminded.

Do minjoon? Kim Tan? Sooha? Who are these people waiting for? The main character is, nonetheless, EXO. In one word, they're on the level of 'Nation Blow'. A big Korean drop that makes it hard to tell if it's Korean or Chinese.

The nation only read the news, so we will take pictures of that scene.

"Chinese hell gates open"

"Standing in line"

"Bite me?"

"EXO store opened"

While Chinese fans were eagerly waiting, what was EXO doing?

They were with the 'World Star' Jackie Chan. For the past 6 days of Jackie Chan's charity concert, EXO were the rare Korean singers invited. Maybe because of that, before going on stage, they visited Jackie Chan's waiting room.
EXO was excited to meet Jackie Chan.

The truth was, Jackie Chan was the more excited one. He was giving EXO panda toys. They even arranged seats to take a picture for memories. So, it was a new stars meeting, which was fantastic.

 "Receives the pandas"

"Chen is sitting in the middle"

"Jackie can sit in the middle"

Jackie Chan's love for EXO is great. He prepared a big present. A personally made watch was presented. A limited edition watch that would be hard to get even by a big pop star. EXO had big smiles on their face when they saw the surprise present.

"I prepared a limited edition watch"

"Chan will give"

"D.O., who is thankful for the watch"

This time we went to EXO's waiting room. They were all busy putting on the watches Jackie Chan had given them. The numbers on the watch fascinated them all. Everyone there was saying "whoa", "look at this", "what is my number?" and being fascinated.

"What would his watch look like"

"First, lets try it on"

"Right here the number"

"Should I bring it to my dad"

After looking at the watch for a long time, they began to get ready. Even while putting makeup on, EXO was being cute. Especially Chanyeol's wink, with his dimples not showing on camera. Shall we look over at Chanyeol's breath-taking cuteness?

"Should I show my cuteness?"

"Wink+Dimple combo"

"We should take a selfie"

The rest of the members are stretching and out of their minds. Xiumin and Luhan are circling and stretching. This time we shall look at a gif.

"Shall we stretch"

"Like we're at a fishing place"

"Relieve our shoulders too"

Still, EXO had lots of crackers lying around. They devour all the crackers on the table. Busy members are taking care of each other and recharging for the show. If it was star cast's total special, this time was cracker-eating time.

"Only eat jelly"

"Eat a lot~ Chu Chu"

"Yes it’s this taste"

Stop right here. Chanyeol's rival with Baekhyuns cuteness, can't leave that out can we?

"Cutie Baekhyun"

"Lips are pouty pouty"

"My cuteness is more cuter right?

Someone comes into EXO's waiting room. Chinese pianist Lang Lang visited EXO's waiting room. EXO sincerely gave signed CD's. Lang Lang left and Jackie Chan came in. He brought his own fans to their room.

"Exo, I have come again"

"Kind umin"

"I will give you a charming sign" (Kai)

"Tao with great manners"

Now, it was time for EXO to on stage. EXO, who were playing separately, are now in one spot together. Before going up, they shout, "fighting". Finally, they do a beauty check before going on stage.

"Look forward to our performance"

"Luminous visual is done"

"We are one EXO~"

The concert was successful. EXO's 10's fans of China had arrived. The concert place was filled with neon lights. This day, EXO perfectly performed, 'Boy who cried wolf', 'Growl'. Hallyu's thought had gone up another level.

"Chinese fans, I love you ~"

"China is also growl growl"

"We're are the popularity peak, right?"

The recent Drama 'Secret love affair' is making the room hot, right? In it, pianist Lee seon jae's popularity is explosive. The truth is, in EXO there are also good pianists. In EXO, who is the "Lee Seon Jae"?

"Seon jae hyung, you looking?" (Chanyeol)

"Too good right~?" (Lay)

"Special compliments please" (Luhan)

EXO is having a new mini album show case on the 15th of April. On that day, they are thinking of showing ‘Overdose’. This album EXO-K and EXO-M will be working separately. 'Star Cast' last present is the 'Overdose' comeback show.

"Common, common comeback" (EXO-K)

"Having same pose as EXO-K; but different feel" (EXO-M)

"Shall we get some girls? (Chanyeol, Kai)

"We will get them first: (Kris, Lay)

"Enjoy the comeback" (D.O., Baekhyun)

"Vote A Lot" (Chen, Tao)

"Fans, we love you" (Suho, Sehun)

"We love you this~ much" (Luhan, Xiumin)

(Credit: Naver)
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